The Heard


Our Mission:

To educate, empower, and advocate for marginalized girls and women affected by trauma.




The Heard was created in 2018 to serve women escaping domestic violence and to provide a safe space for survivors to tell their stories. In 2019 The Heard added a teen component entitled “So You Think You Can Date?”, as a prevention program for girls ages 10-17 years old. As of October 2020, The Heard has served over 90 women and girls in Chattanooga, TN. 

Company Philosophy

The Heard hopes to become a place where females can come and heal. We are striving to provide a safe haven for individuals who desire to gain necessary life skills and who need a chance to start over in life. Lastly, The Heard will be a place for the younger generation to explore and educate themselves in making better choices while heading into their adult journey. 

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A Look At What We Have Done So Far...


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